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September 5, 2013

Campus Party – How times change

by FI-STAR Team
Campus Party Day Two

Yesterday at the campus party was a great varied, fun and insightful day for FI-STAR.

Walking around the live space it was good to meet a range of developers creating their valued apps.  Good to spend time in the mozilla space and come across code first: girls; make the web in 10 mins and hear about why everyone needs to learn to code.  

Web in 10 mins

Great also to see ‘Scratch’ looking even better than it was a few years back when Mich Resnick launched out of MIT.

Code Club are using it in schools across the UK.

We were honoured to meet with Vint Cerf one of the fathers of the internet and wonderful to have his support and encouragement for FI-STAR’s mission to create and distribute health care application for patients and clinicians.

vint cerf point to fistar

Vint’s speech was awesome!  From 3 network test of the internet in 1977 to interplanetary plans for tomorrow.

photofirst 3 network

FI-Ware (open platform for open minds ) launched the platform with a smart cities panel.  Other sectors were encouraged to build on the platform and the FI-STAR we are stars film was screened on the big screen to bring the session to a happy and successful conclusion.

Fi-Star Video

There was a special surprise at the Jimmy Wales digital economy session, where Jimmy was joined by a 14, 15, and 19 year old successful coders who have not only created apps, but have in one case sold the app to Yahoo for a cool $30 million while still at school?  One stage to hear this was UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne,  who was fully supportive of the efforts of all at Campus party and beyond to embrace the digital world and deliver economic as well social benefits.


David Rowan concluded the day with and insight into the next edition of WIRED which features Europe’s hottest 100 start ups.

To watch today presentations and session just click right here

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